Simon Honeydew is a Dwarf and a Minecraft
YouTuber working for the Yogscast. After appearing in the regular Minecraft world, he partnered with the Spaceman Xephos and became one of the most popular Minecrafters ever. He battled Sky in the ultimate Minecraft YouTube mashup by PsyInsti.

PsyInsti's Bio (Vs. Sky)Edit

Lacie: Simon Honeydew is the Dwarf of Khaz Modan, and the fighter and
♪ Diggy Diggy Hole

♪ Diggy Diggy Hole


funny man of the Yogscast’s original duo.

Young Samurai: Partnered with Lewis, he’s one of the most famous YouTubers ever.

Lacie: One day, Lewis and Simon were both stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. Over the course of… a long time, they settled down and tamed the world of Minecraftia.

Young Samurai: His primary tools are regular Minecraft weapons, mostly swords.

Lacie: Well, Simon’s arsenal is much more than a simple sword. His sword, Felicity II, is crafted from the ultra-strong Manyullyn.

Young Samurai: He also has a pickaxe, made from diamond, obsidian, and redstone. It’s only a pickaxe, though.

Lacie: It can carve through solid stone in short time; it’s not hard to see why it would kill.

Young Samurai: True.

Lacie: Simon also uses regular tools like TNT and Flint and Steel. He likes TNT a lot.

(Simon: "Let’s just do it the Yogscast way!" (Whilst placing a block of TNT next to something they are struggling to get past)


The Hole Digger
     Specially crafted from obsidian, diamond, and hast
     Can carve through solid stone in a very short time
Felicity II
     Specially crafted sword after Simon died working for the Space Program
     Made from the super-tough Manyullyn, strongest mineral in the game
Flint and Steel
     Lights fires on solid blocks, preferably wood and other flammables
     Crafted from sand and gunpowder
     Large detonation radius
     Ignited via Flint and Steel
Golden Armor
     Pants and a Hat
     Mediocre protection

Young Samurai: Simon also uses a lot of heavy weapons, like mechs, power armor, and more.
Lacie: ‘Heavy Weaponry’ almost doesn’t cover it. His Iron Dwarf suit is a powerhouse of power armor, with cannons, plating, and mobility that challenges anything that you can even think of.

Young Samurai: It’s kind of like Iron Man’s armor.


Power Armor
Uses hooks to maneuver around the battlefield, moves much faster than a normal human
Little to no fall damage due to dampeners
Many attached tools
     Railgun is a heavy and accurate weapon but drains a lot of power
     Plasma Cannon is a charge-shot with a lot of power (500 millicreepers)
     Blink Drive is reusable ender pearl-like teleportation
     Advanced Plating and an Energy Shield
Assists melee attacks
Night Vision
Jetpack, to some extent
Allows for faster movement, and faster swimming

Lacie: Oh, and he has a mech. A MECH!

Young Samurai: It has cannons, and excavation tools. It’s also surprisingly agile.


Honeydew’s personal mecha
Two slots for tools or weapons
     Drill and Saw for excavation
     W1200 Shotgun
     Desert Eagle
     Machine Gun
Swifter than a human
Very durable
Can swim and work underwater with ease

Lacie: Oh yeah, and he has a flying ring that uses redstone for fuel and a giant instant-death sword called Big Bertha, but whatever.

Young Samurai: Instant death sword?

Lacie: The only thing it hasn’t killed in one shot is Kaiju.

Young Samurai: Oh, wow!

(Simon: "It's like a whole new game.")


Flying Ring
Gypsy Kiss
Iron Dwarf Armor
S.S. Longbucket
Big Bertha

Lacie: Honeydew’s not human, also. (He’s a dwarf) Simon has superhuman traits, unlike most normal Minecraft characters.

(Lewis: "Ye be dwarfin' it up!")

Young Samurai: Keep in mind the average Minecrafter can bust apart stone with his hand, and can leap over a meter in a sprint.

Lacie: He’s as strong as a moose, or even meese!

Young Samurai: That’s not the right plural version.

Lacie:  You’re the Sky expert, not a moose-ologist!


Advanced Exoskeleton
     3x strength and advanced swimming
Soul Absorption
     Can absorb the souls of those he has killed
     Currently has the form of a fry cook, Yoglab scientist, and a Hammy Hamster
Has the strength of a moose
Very good and experienced in digging holes
     Trapped a Weeping Angel underneath his floor

Young Samurai: Honeydew has a great range of feats, like taking back Yoglabs, placing okay in general in PvP matches, and battling Israphel.

(Simon: "So, now we have a shitty wooden sword, and we're going to defend this property, right? From my cold dead hands, you skeletal motherfuckers!")

Lacie: He also founded a corporation, Honeydew Inc.


Battled Israphel
Unearthed a Yoglabs conspiracy
Founded Honeydew Inc.
Places well in PvP matches
Got through a 241 puzzle map
Survived a triple dose of mushrooms
Took back Yoglabs by force

Young Samurai: He also has weaknesses. Honeydew usually achieves his goals with Lewis, for one.

Lacie: He’s also kind of an idiot. His only qualification for working at Yoglabs is, and I quote, ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’.

(Simon: "When I grow up I want to be a potato."')


Not terribly intelligent
Prefers using one weapon at a time
Quite a few feats were accomplished with Lewis’s help

Young Samurai: Sky’s got this in the bag.

Lacie: I beg your pardon? Simon’s the Skylord!

(Simon: "I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole! I'm digging a hole!")

Death Battle Record (HEAVY SPOILERS)Edit

Vs. Sky - Loss