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Lucille Silverstone, better known as Lacie, is an Original Character created by PsyInsti.


Born as a normal girl in Chamberlain, Minnesota, Lacie lived a normal life until she accidentally was given a 'Seraph', an interdimensional immaterial being cursed to wander the realms in search of a host, to fight in battles across dimensions. While her friends were given mind-cracking, dominating Seraphs, Lacie was blessed with a Seraph that had lost a will to fight, nay, live long ago. Lacie took the opporrtunity by the knees and traveled the dimensions, battling anyone she found and winning. Eventually, Lacie found the realm of the Ebony Way, so titled for it had been decimated by a deadly curse two decades ago. There, she met Daniel Dawson, a Seventh Year Wizard, and with him, founded their own branch of DEATH BATTLE!, using their respective abilities of interdimensional 'crossing' to throw two or more fighters in an arena to see who would win.

Hosted BattlesEdit

Slender Man vs. Herobrine

Jeff the Killer vs. Jack the Ripper

Kazuo Kiriyama vs. Katniss Everdeen

Sky vs. Honeydew

Rose Lalonde vs. Reimu Hakurei

Gabriel Angelos vs. Sarah Kerrigan

Hiro Nakamura vs. Komato Assassin Asha

Cyan Garamonde vs. Mitsurugi

Soma Cruz vs. Percy Jackson

Aya Brea vs. Alex Mercer

The Marked Ninja vs. Joe Musashi

Ezio Auditore vs. Lu Bu

Frank Murdoch vs. Walter White

Shaq vs. 50 Cent

Team RWBY Battle Royale

V vs. ???

Host Royale MovesetEdit

GETAWAYGETAWAYGETAWAY - Repeated, as many as the button can be mashed, stabs with the needles at close range, forward. Great combo starter, with stun.

Booschk - Straight blast of purple beam magic, full-screen, pointed in whatever direction the stick goes.

Control Vevus - Two controllable blasts of purple magic.

Voop - The foe is suddenly lifted into the air and dropped, with a slight stun. Only works at extreme close range.

I do 100 on da Highway - Lacie spirals forward like a missile, obliterating anyone in her path.

GET BACK - At close range, the foe is pushed back by a sudden uppercut of purple energy.

I WANT MY MONEY - Lacie stabs with the Revedere and drains energy in a hold, as long as the foe doesn't push out through button-mashing.

Ultimate Fatali-Merci-Move:

Fantastic World: Lacie stops time for a second, and a flash of light emits from her palm. It signifies a random bullet hell barrage. Time resumes, and the foe must dodge - using QTE and simple intuition - and incredibly diverse and powerful bullet hell across the entire screen. It is very powerful - a full no dodging will take off 75% - But can be dodged, with no ill effect. It just takes lots of training and skill.