Sarah Kerrigan is a former Ghost - special forces agent - and a Zerg Queen from StarCraft. After being trained since childhood as a supersoldier, she was betrayed and left for death against the deadly Zerg bio-terrors. However, instead of dying, she was converted into the leader of the Zerg Swarm. Sarah has considerable psionic powers.

PsyInsti's Bio (Vs. Gabriel Angelos)Edit

Age: 33
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 bs

Dan: Born Sarah Louise Kerrigan on the planet of TarKossia in 2481, Kerrigan was put into the Ghost program after she accidentally killed her mother and incapacitated her father in a mental attack.

Lacie: Her head just came off…

Dan: She was so powerful psionically the Terran Confederacy-

Lacie: Rednecks in space? YES!

Dan: -had to readjust their entire scale to account for her abilities. She scored a 12 on a scale that went from 1 to 10.

Lacie: She got through Ghost training with resistance, but was adjusted mentally to become for the Confederacy, and enjoyed a career working for the Confederacy, until she was taken by the Sons of Korhal, a resistance group against the Confederacy.

Dan: Quite the mouthful, eh?

Lacie: Shut up.

Dan: After battling numerous forces, she was betrayed by her leader Arcturus Mengsk and was captured by the Zerg- an ancient race of biological masters.

Lacie: Oh, why would you do that? Now there’s no happy ending!

Dan: However, her reign as the leader of the Zerg has been absolute since the previous leader the Overlord died, and now she plans to exact revenge on those that have wronged her.

Lacie: Kerrigan’s main weapon is her wings and blades; six blades, like wings on a bird except made from bone. She also has a set of long blades on her hands, kinda like fingernails except much deadlier.

Dan: But Kerrigan’s main weapon is undoubtably her psionic skills. At a young age she was capable of telekinesis and the Psychic Attack, capable of ripping brains apart. She is capable of cloaking, long range telepathy, and telekinesis.

Psychic Attack
  Thrashes and destroys brains
  Even affects those with resistance, like Major Rumm
  Can shut down brains without killing
  Can force foes to relive bad memories and experiences
  A charged up version can destroy colonies
Master Telekinetic
  Can stop bullets mid-flight
  Can disable guns from the inside
  Capable of flight, into the atmosphere
  Can throw people and objects
  Nova was capable of destroying a skyscraper in moments
  Can implode city-sized Battlecruisers
  Tensile strength does not affect telekinesis; steel = wood
  Can enhance her physiology via telekinesis
    Rips open steel doors and rip hybrids in half
 Can force-choke via Crushing Grip
 Requires line of sight

Lacie: In addition, she wields a large arsenal of psionic spells. They range from direct attacks to infestation, which makes her pretty versatile.

  A massive maelstrom of psionic energy that fries brains and damages the landscape
Razor Storm
  Storm of energy barbs that tears apart armor
  Both storms require a lot of energy
Psionic Blast - Small ball of psionic energy
Implosion - Crushes machines with a gravity field
Kinetic Blast - Long range shot that does 300 damage at long range
Chain Reaction - Spreads attacks to other foes, dealing more damage
Infest Broodlings - Enemies damaged by Kerrigan spawn two broodlings (Small zerg )
Apocalypse - Giant blast of psionic energy that breaks buildings
Crushing Grip - Holds Kerrigan's foes in a grip of psionic energy
Mend - Heals Kerrigan by 150 life points
Can cloak / turn invisible

Dan: Also, Kerrigan has three debilitating attacks used for not lethality, but making a foe less capable.

Lacie: Kinda hard to fight when you're slow.

DEBILITATING ATTACKS: Ensnare - Sticky green slime that halves agility
  Can be focused into a Spider-Man web
Fury - Attacks faster for every successful attack landed
Psionic Dash - Enhances Kerrigan's speed allowing her to dash through foes Dan: Also, Kerrigan is a master melee fighter. Not only can she match fighters like Zeratul in solo combat, but she also has six wings that can shred normal armor and rip people in half.

Lacie: They look like bird wings, to be honest. They're aren't used for flight, though; they will kill you dead.

  Like a bird's bones
  Can be used as spears to cut through armor and shielding
  Can rip people in half
Seven-inch nails
Experienced Martial Artist
  Trained since childhood
  Can break a neck with a single kick
  Can parry psychic lightsabers
Acid Spit

Dan: In addition, Kerrigan is capable of burrowing; digging underground to heal and hide from attacks.

Lacie: So… she’s a bug?

BURROWING: Digs underground to surprise foes
Deep Tunnel moves underground to ambush
Digs underground in a few seconds
Regenerates faster underground
Pretty much immune to ground attacks

Dan: Kind of. Her zerg physiology has granted her a durable exoskeleton, capable of absorbing wounds and regenerating health. She can tank tank shots, regenerate, and has resistance to a lot of things due to her Zerg biology.

Lacie: Zerg were created long ago by the godlike Xel'Naga, making them very powerful evolving organisms. Also, she’s a bug.

ZERG PHYSIOLOGY: Hardened skin which can lessen attack damage
Zerg Carapace can deflect small arms fire
Wolverine-like regeneration, can heal attacks in moments
Can endure tank shots
Resistance to cold, heat, psionic attacks, chemicals, and vacuum
Enhanced endurance, can run for days

Dan: The Queen of Blades has long since made her enemies know and fear her, and for good reason. She's arguably the strongest psionic in the StarCraft universe, was once the strongest Ghost of all time, and has led the Zerg into a new age of prosperity, at least for a race of genetically engineered weapons.

Lacie: She can destroy buildings with her mind, m'kay?

FEATS: One of the strongest psionic beings in StarCraft
Dominated a Protoss Matriarch's mind when not on the same planet
Defeated 4 Primal Zerg champions at the same time
Survived a null zone powered by 4 Xel'Naga temples
Can destroy hybrids
Took out, allegedly, one million marines by the end of Flashpoint
Defeated Zeratul, Tassadar, and Jim Raynor solo
Can manipulate hypersonic Gauss rounds and send them back as anti-armor psychic attacks
Can process 1000 things at once
Telepathically controls the Zerg Swarm

Dan: Though, Kerrigan has weaknesses. She can be angered, for one, and her energy has limits. WEAKNESSES: Can have anger issues
Energy levels have limits, though they do regenerate quickly
Psychic Attack doesn't work on everyone Lacie: You can certainly see, though, Kerrigan is not a foe to underestimate.

(Kerrigan: "I am the Swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of Blades.")

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