sluglo (mario12f here) is a DeviantArt Death Battle Writer. He is the creator of the wiki, but would still prefer to be trated just as equally as the other writers here. His Death Battle Hosts are the Original Characters, Zornac and Emma, created by him, and The Soldier from Team Fortress 2 as a third host ( a sixth ranger, if you will.) Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat and another OC Cap'n Slugs also made guest appearances.

Death Battle Matches he has written include:

Kirby VS Majin Buu: The two pink big eaters. In the end, the victory went to Majin Buu for his superior durability, regeneration ability, and much stronger attacks.

Sub-Zero VS Glacius: The two fighting game cryomancers. In the end, Sub-Zero won thanks to his more versatile moveset, faster speed, and much more combat exprience.

Bowser VS King Dedede: The two greedy Nintendo kings. In the end, Bowser took the cake for being stronger, faster, and withstanding bigger blows than Dedede.

Joker VS Punisher: Marvel VS DC and vigilante VS crime lord. In the end, Punisher wins with better weapons, more exprience, and his Kevlar Vest making him impervious to bullets. Also, The Joker was prone to taunt.

Captain Falcon VS Viewtiful Joe: The two flamboyant superheroes. Joe won thanks to his time manipulation, easier time dodging attacks, and a better arsenal.

General Grievous VS Fulgore: The two evil fighting cyborgs. Fulgore had the match in the bag because of his better arsenal and a bit more durability.

Pyrrha VS Lucina: The two swordwomen born to great warriors. In the end, Lucina won because she was much smarter, had ranged attacks, stat boosts, and being faster.

Sasuke Uchiha VS Strider Hiryu: The two fighting ninjas. In the end, Sasuke made it out because he was smarter, longer range, reflexes, and overpowered attacks.