THE-DEADLIEST-DOGE, more commonly known as The Blood God, as he wishes one day he could get a Premium to change his name, is a now seasoned writer on DA, famous for his love of comic books, fighting games, death metal, gory fights, and astonishingly good looks(you can tell who's writing this). Also a talented artist, The Blood God has many goals, including a comic book artist and writer.

Season 1

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye Winner: Hawkeye due to his CQC Advantage and effective arsenal.

Jon Snow vs. Aragorn Winner: Aragorn due to his better experience and physical advantage.

Hercules vs. Beowulf Winner: Hercules because of his armor and overall better physical attributes.

Sweet Tooth vs. Joker Winner: Joker because of his unpredictability, variety of weapons and superior intelligence.

Ryu vs. Iron Fist Winner: Iron Fist due to his superior speed, defense and power of the Iron Fist punch.

Raiden vs. Zangief Winner: Zangief due to his better strength, and wrestling skill.

Hulk vs. Doomsday Winner: Doomsday thanks to his evolving power and weakness exploitation.

Scorpion vs. Hellboy Winner: an all out stomp.

Brainiac vs. Ultron Winner: Brainiac due to his technopathy and superior gadgets that could exploit Ultron's weakness.

B. Orchid vs. Elektra Winner: Elektra due to formal training and the Silent Scream.

Ken Masters vs. Kung Lao Winner: Kung Lao due to his weaponry, and all out brutality

Captain Falcon vs. Bang Shishigami Winner: Bang due to his more powerful arsenal and experience.

The Winter Soldier vs. Nightwing Winner: Nightwing due to his superior agility, weapons, and CQC skill.

Season Finale: Nosferatu Zodd vs Akuma Winner: Akuma due to his Shin Akuma/Oni form.


Premier: Dr. Doom vs Emperor Palpatine Winner: Doom due to his superior feats and durability.

Duke Nukem vs Doomguy Winner: Doomguy due to his armor and physicality/

Black Panther vs Batman Winner: TBD