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Season 1:

Death Battle Tony Montana vs Tommy Vercetti 2

-Tony Montana vs Tommy Vercetti {Completed}

Death Battle Decepticons vs Daleks 2

-The Decepticons vs The Daleks {Completed}

Death Battle Aquaman vs Spongebob 2

-Aquaman vs Spongebob {Completed}

-Dr Doom vs Darth Vader {Completed}

Death Battle Anakin Skywalker vs Neo 2

-Anakin Skywalker vs Neo {Completed}

Death Battle - The Avatar vs The Dragonborn

-The Dragonborn vs The Avatar {Completed}

-Carmen Sandiego vs Lupin III

-KITT vs Aston Martin DB5 vs Mach 5


Death Race Battle 2015 title card
Death Battle Dr Doom vs Darth Vader