Ths page documents the writer and DA profile of YoungSamurai18. For information on Young, the host with Mikasa, click here. For information on Jack Fletcher, of the Young Samurai book series, click here.

YoungSamurai18 is a DeviantArt Death Battle Writer, who is most well known for his host interactions. He is currently working on Good Cole vs. Evil Cole, both from the inFamous franchise. He is a fan of inFamous and commonly roleplays with that series, among others. He is a good friend with TheSaiyanAssassin.

Previous/Current Match(es)Edit

Good Cole vs. Evil Cole

Planned MatchupsEdit

Good Cole vs. Evil Cole

Harley Quinn vs. Wendy

Green Knight vs. Venusaur

Kat vs. Zelda

Lone Wanderer vs. Booker DeWitt

Travis Touchdown vs. Gideon Graves

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson

Daniel X vs. Visser Three

Black Arms vs. Yuuzhan Vong

Kirito vs. Eren

Mikasa vs. Asuna

White Ranger vs. Scorpion

Black Widow vs. Ada Wong

D.U.P. vs. Militia vs. Reapers

GTA Battle Royale (Tommy Vercetti vs C.J. Johnson vs Claude Speed vs Niko Belic vs Michael De Santa)

Hoenn Starter Battle Royale (Blaziken vs. Swampert vs. Sceptile)

Azula vs. Kitana

Deadpool vs. Alucard

Starkiller vs. Alex Mercer

Luke Skywalker vs. Sinestro

Yu Narukami vs. Reimu Hakurei

God of War!Ares vs. Smite!Ares

Spike the Devil Man vs. Shade Man

Digimon Battle Royale (Tai and Agumon vs Davis and Veemon vs Takato and Guilmon vs Takuya)